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product development, engineering and prototyping


Quality Plastics has on-site engineering resources available to quickly take your vision from napkin sketch to prototype to molded production components.  We will gladly work as an extension of your design team, or do all the detail work for you.

SolidWorks Capabilities:

We utilize the latest revision of SolidWorks 3D design software to develop anything from a single part to a completely assembled product design.

Cost Improvements:

Assembly simplification and cost-down initiatives thru design can also be completed.


We utilize our in-house 3D printing capabilities to quickly produce prototypes for design verification.  If other manufacturing processes besides 3D printing are required, our quality outsourcing partners can step in and help to provide you completely functional prototypes.

Learning Center:

If you are designing your own parts for us to mold, please consult our Learning Center for guidance.

Visit our Learning Center for more details.

We would love to work with you to find a solution for your needs!  Request a Quote or Contact Us today to discuss your project and application in more detail.
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